Volunteering & Donations

We have reached the fundraising finish line. Donations of all sizes are needed, welcomed, and appreciated and will go towards the endowment/maintenance fund.

Become a Jonathan’s Dream Angel

It took 5 years, over $1.200,000 and a lot of hard work to rebuild Jonathan’s Dream.
We are now working on a maintenance program that will assure that the playground will be well maintained for many future generations to come.
Do you wish to join us?
Become a Jonathan’s Dream Angel
We are looking for individuals and or families who are willing to visit the playground, walk around, pick up garbage (hopefully not too much), pick up balls, replace books (Little Free Library) chalk and strings (We have extra supplies), weed and report anything that needs attention.
If you wish to become a JDA and or learn more about it, please email me at shokids@hotmail.com
Jonathan’s Dream wish to thank the following people who are already part of our Angel Team
Nathan Grandpre and family
Joselyn Raub and family
Eileen McMurrer who is responsible for keeping all the trees and shrubs alive and well and who always is ready to help with everything.
Susan Robbins Namerow master weeder
Susan Lentinii for making sure our Little Free Library is always stacked and organized (and being a general Angel
Oliver John
Andre Montiel
Darlene Borre
Maya Dobrynin
Cara CQ with Nora’s Light for supplying an endless amount of books whenever we need them and stacking our LFL.

Want to become a sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities are still available