Lisa, Evan and Brett Berma

Our son Brett Berman decided to do his Bar Mitzvah – Mitzvah Project for Jonathan’s Dream Reimagined! When we were on our way to visit his Great Grandmother at the Hebrew Home and Hospital he noticed that Jonathan’s Dream no longer existed. He was devastated! He and his older brother Max grew up playing there and it saddened Brett to know that other kids weren’t going to have this awesome playground. We learned that it was going to be rebuilt, even bigger and better and safer for all children. Brett was born with Cerebral Palsy on his right side, so sometimes he couldn’t play like all of his friends because his balance would be off. When he learned that the new and improved Jonathan’s Dream was going to be handicap accessible and “make play safe and fun for eveyone”…he knew that he wanted to help raise money to make this dream a reality. Brett personally designed mini first aid kits with his own slogan, “make play, safe and fun for everyone”. He set up a booth in July 27th at the Kick-off event and raised over $3,500. People Brett didn’t even know showed their support and purchased first aid kits or simply made a donation because Brett’s enthusiasm was contagious or they felt the same way as we did about Jonthan’s Dream! One woman from our Synagogue read about Brett’s Mitzvah Project and wrote him a beautiful letter with a check enclosed saying, ” I miss hearing the sounds of laughter and kids playing everyday when I walk by Jonathan’s Dream”…Brett learned the true meaning of kindness and generosity and supporting your own community! We hope others will continue to support this amazing endeavor!